Getting to Know Your Toilet

As your plumber in Melbourne, FL we are truly here to help you. When it’s time to consider repair vs. replace, it can get pretty overwhelming. That’s why we’ve shared a few plumbing related terms with you below to keep you in the loop when we’re talking shop.

One of our preferred brands, American Standard has an extensive glossary intended to help inform consumers about different plumbing equipment and parts. We’ve chosen a few toilet related terms to share with you here:

  • Flapper: Disc-like composite rubber seal intended to retain water in your toilet tank. It is lifted to release water from the tank into the bowl for a complete flush cycle.
  • Flush Valve: Special form of valve located at the bottom of your toilet tank. This valve is used to discharge water from the tank into the water closet or urinal.
  • Pressure Assisted Toilet: Uses a special valve to create a powerful siphonic flushing action. Water within the tank displaces air, creating a pressure, causing the water to quickly and forcefully push waste and water through the bowl.
  • Two Piece Toilet: The toilet bowl and tank are separate molds and require attachment.
  • Water Closet: Fixture that stores a certain amount of water inside a tank until it is released into another feature, for example your toilet tank.

At Accurate Plumbing Solutions we’ll be glad to help you understand the plumbing issue your equipment or appliance is experiencing. Contact your plumber in Melbourne, FL today for comprehensive solutions when it comes to your plumbing needs.



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