Certified Annual Backflow Testing

Backflow is when the drinking water in your home becomes contaminated with your other plumbing. It’s a serious problem than every homeowner must take into consideration. At Accurate Plumbing Solutions we are certified in backflow prevention, and also provide annual testing to our customers. Here are a few things you may have not known about backflow.

Two things can cause Backflow. Back pressure is when there is a higher pressure in the system than what the supply normally handles. Extreme heat from unvented water heaters can increase pressure and be a cause of back flow. Another culprit is back siphonage. Back siphonage is the opposite of back pressure, it is when the pressure is lower than the system normally handles. It happens when a water supply is drained down or interrupted.

There are five categories of backflow contamination. Category one is low contamination where your water is still drinkable, category five constitutes a very serious health risk where you water may contain human waste or pesticides.

Knowing if you have a problem with backflow can be difficult. Unless your water has a strange odor or is visibly contaminated, you may not know if you’re dealing with backflow. Many homes are fitted with backflow prevention, however the contamination may be slight. We are certified in both installing backflow prevention as well as providing annual testing services.

If you want to take control of your plumbing and ensure that your water has not been subjected to backflow, call us at Accurate Plumbing Solutions today.  As the Cocoa Beach plumber you can trust, we’ll be able to test your water as well as install any backflow prevention devices as necessary.


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