Where Has the Hot Water Gone?

Stepping into a hot shower in the morning and only feeling cold water is an awful way to start your day. In this situation, you’ll want to call the professionals at Accurate Plumbing Solutions to get that hot water back flowing through your shower head again. But, before they come, you still might want to know what the trouble is or the extent of the lack of hot water.

Based on how long the water comes out hot, you may be able to tell where the problem is coming from. If the shower never heats up, the water heater has probably been used too much and needs to regenerate. If hot water initially comes out but it soon becomes cold, it may be the unit.

If you’re unable to get hot water out of the shower head, the first thing you’ll want to know is if it’s a problem isolated to the shower. Going around the house and checking other fixtures will tell you whether it’s just the shower or if all of the building’s hot water is absent. If there’s no hot water in the home, the problem is your water heater. If the problem is isolated to your shower, it could one of a number of problems including a blown fuse, the pilot light out of a gas unit, obstructions in the flue, a defective part like a thermocouple, faulty temperature control, or sediment buildup.

The good news if you live in a newer home is that you probably won’t have to replace your pipes. It’s very rare that there’s a stoppage or obstruction in copper systems as they rarely corrode on the inside. Usually they stay free flowing with the exception of some oxidation. This is different than older homes that have galvanized steel pipes.

If you’re having trouble getting hot water in the shower, it could be due to a number of reasons. These tips will help you find what may be causing the problem. If you do suffer from a lack of hot water, call on Accurate Plumbing Solutions to solve the issue for you.


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