Recent Treatment for Brevard County Drinking Water

Have you had a tall glass of water from the tap recently? If you are one of the 140,000 residents served by the Melbourne water treatment system, you may have noticed a different taste to the water in the month of March. The city wasn’t experimenting to challenge our palate, but rather was performing a routine disinfecting process.

Our drinking water in Brevard County is kept safe through the use of various safe, chemical formulas. However as the cast iron pipes carrying the water supply start to age, periodic maintenance is necessary to preserve water quality levels and keep unwanted microorganisms from making a home in the water system. To accomplish this, a ‘free chlorine’ disinfecting process was utilized.

The maintenance was completed and the normal sanitation formula was restored on March 20th. Now that the drinking water is back to its standard treatment chloramine formula, any difference in taste or odor should be gone. If you are still noticing any differences, then consider calling Accurate Plumbing Solutions to diagnose any problems you may be having with the water pipes.


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