Is Your Toilet Running? Better Call a Plumber

A constantly running toilet might not seem like a dire emergency, but the sound can be more than a little annoying. All that dripping water can add up to hundreds of gallons a day—and an unnecessarily high bill. Instead of spending all day with your hands in a toilet tank while you figure out what’s wrong, get a licensed plumber to troubleshoot your running toilet and get things flowing normally again.

Why Would a Toilet Run Nonstop?

The simplest cause of a running toilet is a broken or malfunctioning stopper valve. Either the chain or the rubber flapper needs to be replaced. You can do this yourself, but it’s often better to let a plumber take a look to rule out other problems and ensure you get the right size and type for the parts.

Other explanations can include:

  • Clogged toilet valves
  • Tank float needs to be adjusted
  • Fill valve water level needs to be adjusted
  • Wrong parts used in a previous toilet repair

Flapper Seals and Flush Valves

When you lift the toilet lid to figure out why your toilet is running, you might be surprised. Newer toilets have a flush valve system instead of the old chain and rubber stopper.

Although flush valves are more reliable in general, they can be trickier for DIY toilet repairs. Let your Cocoa Beach plumbers repair or replace the flush valve—it’s more complicated than changing a rubber flapper.

Fix a Toilet that Runs Randomly

Startled by a toilet that flushes itself or refills the tank every hour or so? This can happen for the same reasons described above, but you might have sediment buildup or other problems that require a plumber.

Running toilets waste both water and money. Our friendly, experienced plumbers in Brevard County are here to keep your hands clean and your toilet running properly. Contact Accurate Plumbing to troubleshoot a running toilet and make fast, affordable repairs.



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