What To Do With A Dysfunctional Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are the most fantastic thing to happen to the sink since running water. They can obliterate small pieces of food and keep your drain from clogging. It is one of those appliances you don’t think too much about until it doesn’t work, and when it doesn’t work you have a problem. There are three common garbage disposal dysfunctions that plague homeowners, thankfully, we’re very good at fixing them.

Clogged Garbage Disposal – Disposals become clogged when someone pours a bunch of things they shouldn’t down the sink. Coffee grounds, vegetable peels and grease are the common culprits. Removing a clog from a garbage disposal usually means removing the unit from the sink and physically removing the clog.

Leaking Garbage Disposal – Disposals leak if they were not installed properly. Tightening or resealing any loose fittings will normally stop leaking. If not, a faulty unit may have been installed.

Broken Garbage Disposal – when your garbage disposal won’t turn on at all, there are many things that could be happening. First, your power may be out, the unit may have unplugged itself, it may need to be reset or perhaps something mad its way into your unit, causing it to malfunction. Troubleshooting and finding out the source of this is your best bet in fixing it.

If your garbage disposal is not working properly, give the experts at Accurate Plumbing Solutions a call today. We can troubleshoot your problem and find the best solution for your home.



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