Your Spring Plumbing Checklist

Spring is officially in the air and as your Cocoa Beach plumber we couldn’t be more excited! While everyone reserves spring time for cleaning and gardening, it’s also a great time for plumbing checkups! Some people simply wait until their plumbing fixtures malfunction or break to think about them, but if you perform regular maintenance you won’t be caught off guard when something does go wrong.

  • Check faucets for leaks. Go around to all the faucets in your home and turn the water on. Then open up the cabinet and check underneath for any drips. Catching a leak now can save both water and money.
  • Ensure that you have filters over all of your drains. Filters will prevent hair and soap from blocking your drains, and will save you a headache down the road.
  • Check how your toilet flushes. If your toilet handle requires any sort of maneuvering to get it to flush, you’ll need to replace some parts. These parts are inexpensive, and will save you water and money.
  • Clean your shower head. Mineral deposits can clog showerheads. Simply soaking them in white vinegar for 24 hours will remove most mineral deposits.

At Accurate Plumbing Solutions we hope that you enjoy a productive spring season. Should you require any assistance with your spring plumbing checklist, or should you incur a leak or other problem, don’t hesitate to contact your Cocoa Beach plumber.


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