To Flush or Not to Flush?

If you have something in your hand, you may be quick to throw it in the toilet and flush it. But a toilet is not a garbage can and there are many things that should never be flushed down the toilet. While you likely know not to flush paper towels and different types of feminine hygiene products, there are other products that you may flush without thinking twice. Here are three items that you may flush that certainly should not be flushed.

Cotton Balls and Swabs

When you are in the bathroom, you may use items like cotton balls, cotton swabs or Q-tips to clean wounds, clean your ears, or remove make-up. When you are done, you may throw the item in the toilet bowl and flush. However, your toilet is not designed to flush these items and they can get stuck in your plumbing line. Instead, use the trash can or the toilet.


Another item you may try to flush is food. When you are done eating something, you may want to toss it into the toilet, rather than the trash can, to avoid smells or pests. However, your toilet is not designed to get rid of food particles. This can lead to a clog to form fast.


The last item you may flush that you should avoid flushing is bathroom wipes. Your toilet is not designed to flush wipes, even if the wipes say they are flushable. Many get stuck or cause clogs in the plumbing lines, leading to problems in the future.

If you have flushed anything down your toilet that you should not, you may have a clog present. If a clog is present, contact Accurate Plumbing Solutions today. We can help get rid of the clog so your toilet can once again flush. In the future, avoid flushing anything down the toilet that should not be in there.



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