What Should and Shouldn’t be put in the Garbage Disposal

Local residents will want to consider Accurate Plumbing for any problem.  People from Cocoa Beach, FL may find that their garbage disposal has stopped working.  That is a significant burden, but one that can be repaired over time.  The team is ready to arrive on site to handle any kitchen disaster.  But take care to not put certain items down the garbage disposal.

Avoid dropping fibrous foods and pitted fruit down the drain.  Stalks and the pits can cause a clog to happen.  They get entangled along the blades of the garbage disposal.  Over time, that can cause the garbage disposal to break down.  Owners should avoid dropping those items down the drain.

Feel free to run cold water in the sink whenever possible.  That will clean the sink basin and cleanse the pipes.  It may not remove a clog that was already in place.  But the garbage disposal should run as it always had before now.  That is also a good way to evaluate the sink while cleaning or repairing pieces.

Coffee grounds shouldn’t be dropped down the drain.  Many kitchens feature a coffee pot with grounds ready for trash.  But make sure these grounds end up in the trash, not the garbage disposal.  That is difficult and unnecessary for modern kitchens too.

Dish soap is OK to wash down the sink.  Many people will spend time each night cleaning dishes as needed.  The garbage disposal should handle the dish soap with ease.  Keep washing dishes each night and stay confident in the design for the garbage disposal.  Even ice cubes can make their way down the pipes.  They will either be crushed or melt overnight as dishes are cleaned.  Remember to never stick a hand in the garbage disposal.


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