When to Stop Using Drain-O & Call a Plumber

Chemical drain cleaners, such as Drain-O, can help to remove stubborn clogs that you cannot remove with a plunger or snake. However, the drain cleaners can only do so much. At some point you have to put the bottle of cleaner down and call in a plumber to assist you. Here are three signs that it is time to stop using Drain-O and call in a plumber.

You Suspect the Clog Isn’t Caused By Hair, Grease or Food

Chemical drain cleaners are perfect for dissolving clogs that are caused by hair, grease, soap build up or food. But they cannot help if your clog is caused by something being in the line that shouldn’t be there, like paper towels, toys your child may have flushed or roots from a tree. If you suspect the clog isn’t caused by hair, grease or food, you should avoid using drain cleaners and call in a plumber.

No Results Are Seen After the First Use

Chemical drain cleaners may not remove all of the clog on the first use. But it should make a noticeable dent in the size of a clog. This means that some water may flow away. If you have poured Drain-O down the drain following the manufacturer’s directions, and no changes were made to the clog, don’t attempt to pour more down the drain. Instead, call in a plumber.

You Have Used a Drain Cleaner in the Last Month

Chemical drain cleaners are designed to be used sporadically to remove clogs. If you have used chemical drain cleaner on your drain already once this month, or more than twice in the past three to six months, you likely have a larger problem than just a clog in your drain. Put down the drain cleaner and have a plumber inspect your pipes to find out why they keep clogging.

If you have a clog that needs to be removed, Accurate Plumbing, located in Cocoa Beach, Florida, is ready to help you. Call us today to get an estimate or to schedule an appointment with one of experienced plumbers.


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