3 Ways to Lower Your Water Bill

Not too many people think of water on the top of their bill budget list, but savvy water savings can certainly help save you money by the end of the year. Water bill savings can earn you an extra $300 – $500 annually in your pocket that could go toward vacation, a new car, materials for college… It’s up to your imagination! Start dreaming to save with these handy tips below.

Follow these Tips for Lower Bills

  1. Let the machines do the washing.

Not only does running the dishwasher save you time and convenience, you will cut down your water consumption by 1/6 compared to hand washing. Same goes for washing machines versus washing laundry by hand. Make sure your loads are full.

  1. Store your drinking water in the fridge.

Instead of running the tap waiting for cool water, fill up a couple pitchers ahead of time and keep them cold in the fridge. You can also purchase gallons of water at the grocery store instead and do the same thing.

  1. Consider a low flow shower head.

Time in the shower consumes a huge amount of water. Showering alone produces about 1/3 of the cost in your water bill. Get a shower head with a low flow will help a great deal. Another pro tip: if you cut your shower time by as little as four minutes, you could save 4,000 gallons of water – that’s 1,000 gallons per minute! You will save on electricity too.

Your Partner in Saving Utility Costs

Curious to learn more about saving money and water resources? Contact us at Accurate Plumbing Solutions today. We can help optimize your water systems to give you the best value so you can spend money on other things.


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