What To Know Before Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling can be time-consuming and also a costly expenditure especially if you do not know how things are done. Sometimes a kitchen renovation can feel paralyzing if you have trouble deciding what to make for food.

To this end, there are certain important things you must know even before you take the sledgehammer and start ripping out your cabinets and shopping for new appliances. You will surely be thrilled with your new kitchen once you’ve gotten the big stuff right.

The type of backsplash tiles or faucet you choose does not really matter, getting the right things in the right place is what really matters. Here are some essential factors to consider before embarking on this project.

Respect Your Home’s Architectural Integrity

As an important aspect for resale, it is good you let your kitchen design flow with the rest of your home. Conventional wisdom may suggest that you phase-in upscale countertops. But do you know that you can damage your cabinets and plumbing by demoing the old and installing new countertops? Basically, it is best you get the electrical, plumbing, windows, subfloor, and framing right or all those new appliances and finishes won’t perform as expected.

Appliances Can Be Very Seductive

When it comes to kitchen remodeling for yourself:


  • How much do you enjoy cooking in it?
  • How hardworking and efficient is the room?

By implication, it is the overall flow of your kitchen design that really matters. The market is flooded with a lot of great appliances. However, it is important to note that there are certain brands and models that offer better integration than others. Try to go for those appliances that best fit their components. In other words, try as much as possible to consider what the rest of the kitchen will look like before insisting on any brand and model. Don’t let appliances lead your design, everything should be based on your needs. Be honest with yourself and choose appliances that suit your lifestyle i.e. those appliances that offer you the most features you are actually in need of.

Make Use of Functional Walls

As long as there is a wall in your kitchen, there is always room for both storage and breathing space. Even without making the whole space look cluttered, you can bend those walls to your needs. Unlike your average enclosures, “functional walls” are generally known to be smarter. Right on those walls, your cutting boards can rightly fit on the backsplash, as long as they are given hooks. Also, brass knobs can be extruded to rest shallow pot racks or shelves on walls. Every inch of your kitchen can be efficiently made a tool through this simple form of interior architecture.

Consider Every Relevant Detail

You can make a collection of parts feel like a whole by ensuring that every detail (even the minutest ones) is duly considered. Functional elegance is the main priority here. This emphasizes the need to take every little thing into extremely thoughtful consideration. Try to assess all your needs before commencing any remodeling work. Also, note that it is always advisable to invest in quality appliances. It’s one thing be trendy and it’s another thing to be practically efficient. Try to be realistic in your decisions. If open shelving which is currently trending at the moment, is not practical for you, why go for it?

Use Super Fun Colors

Depending on your taste, you can infuse your kitchen with great color and personality. As the most interesting aspect of any kitchen remodeling work, colors can give your space a complete facelift. Using colors that match your taste is a great way of creating your choicest kitchen. Remember not to make everything to match so as not to make the kitchen bland. One great to create warmth and interest is by mixing materials and textures. Your lighting, faucets, and hardware mustn’t have to be in the same finish.

Use Fundamental Materials In Every Possible Way

There are several fundamental materials available in the market that can be used in many different ways. Lesser materials may be used in certain parts of the kitchen such as shelves and drawers due to lack of apparent visibility. However, prominent places like countertops and backsplashes can be made of substantial materials like marble and wood.

Invest In a Pro

Investing in a pro can be the way to go especially if you want your kitchen to look good and at the same time, hold its value and function in the real world. Though this may appear to be a costly venture, however, when it comes lighting, it is important to earmark a percentage of your redesign budget for this. Without any conflicts of interest, you can hire a veteran designer and skip the freebies if you want your project to be as good as its design.

For more details, information or clarification on how to go about your kitchen remodel project, please do well to contact Accurate Plumbing.



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