What To Do About Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in your home can be quite annoying, and even more so when you’re trying to find the cause. But like any Sherlock Holmes mystery, you know how important it is to your home to get to the bottom of it. Fortunately, there is a formula for the solution. Consider these tips from Accurate Plumbing your “Watson” to help solve the case.

Suspect #1: Clogged Pipes

Check for clogs. You can usually clear out simple ones yourself. But if they’re deep in the pipes, call a plumber professional so you won’t unintentionally damage them.

Suspect #2: Shutoff Valves

If the problem persists after the pipes are clear or if they are new, ensure the water shutoff valves are open. (You’d be surprised how common this is!) Then, check the water pressure. You can do this by calling your local water department or attaching a gauge to an outdoor faucet. If the reading is above 40 psi, then the water valves solved the problem. But if it’s low (40 psi or less), it’s coming from the town. Ask your water department to raise the pressure for you.

Suspect #3: Your Water Department

Installing a boosting system for your home can solve the problem if the town is unable to raise the pressure. It’s recommended to hire a licensed plumbing professional to do the job since your piping has to meet permit specifications.

Still Scratching Your Head? Call the Plumber

If your water pressure reads between 40 and 80 psi and you still have low water pressure, definitely call your plumber. There could be hidden obstructions, worn out pipes, or pipes too small. Accurate Plumbing can help solve your water pressure mysteries. Just give us a call for plumbing emergencies big and small!



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