Plumbing and Water Safety

Your plumbing plays an important role in your home. It helps to carry clean water in and take dirty water out. But what you may not realize is that using up-to-date materials that are properly installed and cared for is important. Your plumbing plays a role in the safety of the water that comes into your home. Here are a few ways that plumbing can impact your water and how you can keep your water safe.

The Material the Pipes Are Made From

One of the factors that can affect the safety of your water is the material the pipes are made from. Lead pipes were common decades ago. Those should be replaced with newer pipes. However, some newer pipes also contain BPA in them, which may not be safe. Carefully selecting the materials you are pipes are made from can impact the safety of your drinking water.

The Condition of the Pipes

Another factor that can affect the safety of your water is the condition of your pipes. If your pipes are rusty, rust can get in your water. If the pipes are cracking, dirt and debris can get in your pipes. Older pipes should be replaced to ensure they are in good and safe condition.

The Backflow Prevention Methods

Lastly, your backflow prevention methods should be up-to-date, in good working order and fully functional. If they are not, your incoming water can mix with outgoing water when the pressure in your line drops, which can make for unsafe water flowing into your home.

If your incoming water is dirty, your plumbing is old or you just want to have your system inspected, Accurate Plumbing in Cocoa Beach can help you. We have been helping customers since 2010 and have a great deal of experience in the plumbing industry. Call us today to schedule your appointment.


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