When to Repair or Replace a Toilet

You’ve been having issues with your toilet for some time now. It’s possible that you may need to have it replaced. But before you go to the trouble and expense of buying a new one, you may be able to simply repair the current one. So, what should you do? Replace it if it has an overwhelming need for repairs. When the list of repairs will cost you more than a new toilet, you should just get a new one.

The Most Common Problem: Running Toilet

A running toilet happens to everyone at one point. It sounds like it’s sprung a leak in the middle of the night. It is simply that the float or inlet valve hasn’t received the message that it needs to shut off and the water is rising over above the overflow tube allowing water to drain into the tube and therefore into the bowl. This is a problem that can be repaired.

Numerous Clogs

If you have to grab the plunger every week then your old bowl may have to go. Some older low flow toilets need to flush more than once to clear the area. This may result in drainage issues. It would probably be less of a hassle to buy a modern low-flow bowl with fewer side effects.

Crack in the Bowl

If you have noticed that there is a crack in the bowl when you were cleaning it, you’ll need to purchase a new bowl as soon as you can. Cracks, no matter how small, can eventually cause larger problems. Along with water leaks, your bowl could break completely.

Accurate Plumbing Solutions can help you decide whether your toilet needs to be repaired or replaced. With friendly and reliable professionals, we will help repair all of your plumbing needs including leak detection, drain cleaning, backflow prevention, and more.



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