Electronic Leak Detection Solves Your Plumbing Woes Without Hassle

That drip, drip, drip you can hear but can’t place is not only driving you insane, it’s costing you money and could be damaging your home. At Accurate Plumbing Solutions we understand the frustration that leaky pipes cause and are proud to have access to the newest technologies.

In the past, finding leaks meant breaking up walls, and following pipes and water damage until we found its source. Because of this, repairs required multiple man-hours and mounted frustration as homeowners watched their walls crumble to reveal rot and water. Thankfully, our team of knowledgeable professionals now works with electronic leak detection technology. This technology is revolutionary and allows plumbers to detect leaks without laying a hand on your walls.

We’re able to pinpoint the leak and immediately begin to repair it. Saving you time and money. Our goal is to tackle your plumbing issues as accurately and efficiently as we can. Our skill with technologies new and old ensures we’ll be able to find the perfect solution. If you’ve got leaky pipes or any other plumbing problem, give us a call today.


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