Why Hire the Pros for All Your Kitchen Remodel Plumbing Needs

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? If your home improvement project includes all the appliances and fixtures in the kitchen, it may be time to hire a licensed plumber.  Even if you are swinging the hammer to put down floors and hang new cupboards, it’s important to make sure that you won’t be surprised with leaks and water damage due to a lack of knowledge or experience. Check out some of the key tasks your plumber will do to help you create a beautiful new kitchen designed to last for decades.

Before You Start

Your new kitchen design needs to include the location of all your major appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, and even the stove.  Your plumber will check the layout of existing pipes and offer advice on the difficulty and feasibility of creating a more functional working triangle.  After all, if you forgot to run a water line for the new fridge, you will never be able to enjoy its fancy ice and water dispenser.

Discover the Latest in Design

Maybe you figure you just want a simple stove and fridge, but plumbers constantly work with all the latest innovations in faucet and appliance design. You may find that you really do want a pot filler next to your stove or a disposal unit added to the sink.

Get Connected with Local Inspection Services

As experienced professionals, we get to know all the local inspectors.  Sometimes it helps to ease the process when you have a licensed contractor on site, and the building inspector is assured that work will be completed up to code and any adjustments will be made as expected.  Without our support, sometimes you can face delays and expensive changes to your design simply because the inspector lacks confidence in your abilities.

Adding a Powder Room

Sometimes when homeowners are stripping down their kitchens, they think it is a good time to add a powder room.  We can offer advice and tips on the location and additional plumbing needed to position this new asset inside your home.  We’ll check to see if your water service can handle the additional demands or if there is sufficient drains available for the extra flow.

Moving Stacks and Connecting Drains

If you are thinking about removing walls to create a more modern and open layout for your kitchen, it may require a complete redesign of your drain and stack system.  Your savvy DIY’er might think this is a project they can handle, but if you position your stack incorrectly, you can end up with sewer gasses backing up into your home.  By consulting an expert, you can save yourself time and money in the long run.

Rough-In for Appliances

Did you know that half the plumbing work for a new kitchen happens before you start to install any of the finishes?  Once you have completed the design and demolition, the next item on the to-do list is roughing in the plumbing and electrical.  As a qualified professional, we will properly position all of the drains and supply lines carefully following the design plan.  Many inexperienced homeowners have tried to do this work themselves, only to find that their appliances don’t line up in the end, resulting in more time and expense spent fixing the error.  Also, your inspector may require to see a licensed contractor completing this part of the job.

Final Connections

You think it is the easiest part, but hooking up your new kitchen faucet can be fraught with difficulty. As you tackle each part of the entire kitchen remodel, you might be learning new skills, but they are unproven.  When you hire qualified professionals, we arrive knowing what parts of the final installation need double checking in order to prevent crushed pipes, loose fittings, or even skipping a connection.  There’s no need to have your brand new dishwasher flood your beautiful new kitchen because you didn’t know how to install it correctly.

When you are ready to start on your own kitchen remodel, make sure to contact us at Accurate Plumbing. We look forward to speaking with you, providing you with a fair and accurate proposal, and working with you through your entire kitchen remodeling process.



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