What a professional service experience. It started with a phone call that was handled in a respectful and courteous manner. Upon arrival I was treated to red carpet service. The service tech who happens to be the owner/operator & license holder, cordially greeted me at my door with his red carpet in hand. He proceeded to slip on boot covers and entered our home. He treated our home with more respect then our own family. He layed out his carpet on our kitchen floor and covered our cabinet space with a canvas drop cloth. He quickly resolved our drainage leak and cleaned up the entire area spotless. His motto is “Here To Help You” and he sure lived up to it and then some. The bill was very reasonable and I highly recommend Spiro to everyone.

Pat | Brevard County

I called Accurate Plumbing and was very pleased with their workmanship and best of all, the bill! They were very professional, made the house call really fast, no messes left for me to clean, and did a great job. They knew exactly what to do, fixed all my problems, and even some small things at no charge.

Thanks guys. You’re the best.

Angela | Brevard County

I recently brought a home Beachside. It was an REO property so I got a great deal on it. When we did the inspection it was noted that the tub in the hallway was draining slow. No problem, it was probably just hair in the P trap. But, just a couple of days after I moved in, all of the drains started to drain slow. Not good! I called Spiro Kollanda, owner of Accurate Plumbing Solutions, as he had been referred to me by an associate. I am so glad I did!!! Spiro Kollanda came out bright and early at 8:00am to work on my line. He determined that in the interim of the time of my inspection and when I moved in, whomever Fannie Mae hired to mow the lawn clipped the top of a clean out cap in the yard and broke it. With all of the rain that we have gotten, sand and dirt was washed into the broken drain pipe and clogged it up. Spiro Kollanda, of Accurate Plumbing Solutions spent the entire morning trying to get my drain working. During the period of time that he was working on correcting the initial problem, he found that whoever had installed the sewer/drain pipe had not done a proper job and the pipe was angled in the wrong direction.

Space Coast Area HomesTo make a long story short, I need to have my sewer line replaced due to the inferior job installing it. Spiro Kollanda, of Accurate Plumbing Solutionswrote up an estimate for replacing the sewer line. He also told me to feel free to contact other plumbing companies for competing beds. “OK” I said to him and then I asked him how much I owed him for today’s work and his answer to me was,

“Nothing, the sewer line isn’t working properly.”

Seriously? He could have charged me hundreds of dollars…but he didn’t. Taking care of me and being a good man was more important. I signed his bid to replace the sewer line on the spot. I’m not going anywhere else for a plumber. Spiro Kollanda of Accurate Plumbing Solutions has got a client for life! There is NO WAY I would ever consider using anyone else when I have the most honest, capable and professional man looking out for me!

I whole heartedly endorse and recommend Spiro Kollanda, owner of Accurate Plumbing Solutions for any and all plumbing needs in Brevard County. It would be crazy to call anyone else!!! If you need plumbing work done, call Spiro Kollanda, owner of Accurate Plumbing Solutions at 321-432-4282 and tell him Kerry sent you!

Thanks Spiro, to me you’re a rock star! Above is a picture of Spiro and his lovely fiance.

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