How to Get the Most Water Efficient Shower Heads

Shower water usage is a well-known water conservation concern. Did you know that 2.5 gallons of water are used each minute in the shower? Even with this number, modern technology has come a long way. In 1994, showers used 5 gallons per minute. Here are three tips on how you can save even more water for shower time.

1. Make Water Sense

Today’s federal water limit for shower heads is 2.5 gallons per minute, but to qualify for their official WaterSense label, manufacturers must make a shower head that uses no more than 2 gallons. Look for these shower heads to save water.

2. Compare Shower Power

Low flow shower heads have a reputation for wimpiness, but companies came a long way. Many features are available that satisfy the “shower feel,” including aerating shower heads, handheld shower heads, and rain showers. But you don’t have to shop fancy for water efficiency. Just pick one that you like!

3. Under Pressure?

If you’ve tried every possible shower head you can think of and the water bill still hasn’t improved, it might not be the shower head at all. Check your home’s water pressure. Low home water pressure churns through tons of water consumption and is very annoying! If it’s low, have a plumber help adjust it. Accurate Plumbing can help.

Preserving Our Water World

Water is a precious resource – make every drop count! A plumbing system that runs in tip-top shape makes a difference in saving water for our planet. With more than 25 years’ experience in the plumbing industry, Accurate Plumbing can help you lower your water bills and reduce water consumption. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and start saving water for yourself and everyone else to enjoy!



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