The Problem With High Efficiency Toilets

Since high efficiency toilets hit the plumbing scene in the 1990s environmentalists and homeowners have rejoiced. Less water usage results in lower water bills and less water waste. However, low flow toilets have caused problems that homeowners have needed to call their plumbers for.

Technology is always improving with high efficiency toilets, and their environmental and financial benefits far outweigh issues some homeowners have. However, some issues require a call to the plumber. Here are a few problematic issues of high efficiency toilets.

Low flow toilets and old, iron plumbing doesn’t mix. Because less water flows thorough, these old pipes may not get cleared leaving you with frequent clogs that will require a call to your Cocoa Beach Plumber. In fact PVC piping works much better than iron plumbing when paired with a high efficiency toilet.

Chemical in-tank cleaners don’t work as well for low flow toilets. They can deteriorate the hardware, which requires costly repairs. Chemicals can also change the composition of the water. This change compromises the velocity and power at which the toilet flushes, once again causing clogs.

No toilet is designed to flush paper towels or other trash, but high efficiency toilets are particularly inept at dealing with this type of waste. Guests who don’t understand that trash goes in the trash can and not down the low flow toilet can cause clogs in homes.

If you have been experiencing any of these issues with your high efficiency toilet and are in need of answers or a clean out, give Accurate Plumbing Solutions a call. We not only can clear your clog, but also suggest solutions to ensure your high efficiency toilet is working at peak performance without hassling you with frequent clogs.


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